What exactly is BBVA IT?

What do we undertake to do?

We create opportunities for people based on technology, talent and knowledge.

What makes us unique?

We’re brave, self-taught and demanding and we like challenges. We learn from our mistakes, overcoming and enjoying obstacles.

Why do we do things better?

We believe in a flexible philosophy that encourages experimentation, learning through trial and error, the basis of all innovation. But, above all, we’re not afraid of change.


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CTF: training in cybersecurity

Capture the Flag (CTF) is an entertaining way of entering the world of cybersecurity and staying in shape. A series of events and trials that develop your most “hack3r” side. What do they consist in?

Scrum Master: A vital role?

“I want it yesterday” is one of the phrases most often heard within a company. The market is demanding more and more speed, more quality and fewer costs. Overcoming these challenges is complicated and it’s also necessary for the company to be agile and flexible. To achieve a successful organizational transformation it’s essential to introduce agile work methodologies into corporations.